from Doug Harrison, constitution writer as sub Editor of The Strategy Paper  (1991 to 2009).   I am glad so many other Australians are making comments.
   At the centenary of federation in 2001, the Strategy endorsed Joe Bryant et al , the Third Alternative , re 1999 referendum-- having a major  article therein to this affect  -- DECLARATION of INDEPENDENCE by and for the people of the C of Aust. before and on / at the steps of the Exhibition Building  in Melbourne where then new federal parliament first met.
   Why are re-running the same Declaration, like a worn video reply.
    Joe and the Strategy paper have already done it, and never been challenged then or ever since.
    Ife you don't or won't read and understand what and how we did it openly and publicly on that occasion, please stop this repeat drivel, by recognising we have legally and fully declared our independence.  This present drivel is an insult to Joe Bryant, the Stratgey (and myself).
    I ask, were any of you there on that most profound declaration was read and thus promulgated in all legal manner.   If not read about in the Stragegy, and you will become an informed Australian who backs thes people, and who thus declared MPs federal and State as contriving TRAITORS, sually under abd accepting the NWO . Joe wrote about the UN Lima Declaration  1973 and you seem not to read or understand how and why our MP traitors have acted since at least 1973. 
   Just one example:  Senator Button, a NWO sychophant, almost single handed y has utterly destroyed our Australian car industry.  Remember  ALP PM Ben Chilfley stood poudly to launch our  first GMH Holden car, made and designed for our unique motoring conditions.  The 1983 Motor industry plan -- formally the Motor Industry Plan --was actually a straight out decomation plan. It took just 36 years to utterly destroy it, having taken years prior to 1948 to bring GM to make the Holden. It was firstly an outcome of making holden vehicles as for back as 1856.
   It took 102 years to release the GM Holden, but only 36 years to destroy it !.
   That's what traitorous MPs can and have done across Australia.

  Why are we rehashing all this. We have Declared our independence in 2001, so lets kick these traitors -- MPs, public servant and a totelly compliant judiciary right up to the High Court our into the Pacific ocean to become shark bait [sorry sharks].

 All this email began under Ray Platt' name and plea -- he was the founder and only Editor of the Strategy paper, so his plea is so true and heartfelt.  Stop and insultiing those who have tried to waken us all  
  It appears the prices to have fallen of deaf ears and or barren ground.
   As sub Editor  for most of those years 1991 to 2009, I lament our national stupidity, and the lack of guts to openly rebel.  But not so.....our grand children and their offspring will pay for this .....