Phill Tzavellas


How the majority govt elected to parliament treat all of us as “brain dead” citizens.


Australia’s |’rule of law” is Australia’s commonwealth constitution which is the law of our land. In facts once federation (1901), we are one of the few developed countries, that does not include the educating of our youth through the school curriculum, regarding the interpretation of our federal constitution.

The following article was delivered to the NSW parliament,

To the members of the nsw liberals,nationals,the greens,the Christian Democrats, the fishers and shooter and one independent representing both houses.

This article, was explaining to the aforementioned members why a heroin injecting room would be unconstitutional, and in breach of federal laws. The article, names six liberal party members and one independent who crossed the floor to support Kristina Keneally, the labour premier.

In 2002, NSW premier Bob Carr and his Govt. in tandem with the greens, unconventionally voted successfully to licence the operation of a heroin injecting centre at Kings Cross.

Paul Whelan a solicitor, was minister of police, John Della Bosch, Carmel Tebbutt, John Hatzistergos a barrister, and Richard Face, the minister for gaming and racing. We find it interesting that John Hazistergos a barrister, who became the minister for justice on the 2nd of April, 2002 until the 10th of August 2005. Mr Hazistergos was appointed attorney general, 2nd April, 2007 until 28th March, 2011. It was an announced by the Liberal Parties Attorney General on October 10th , 2011, the John Hazistergos has been appointed as the judge of the district court. Mr Hazistergos was given a Queens birthday honours award. All this to a man, a barrister, who failed to inform Bob Carr and his successors, Morris Iemma, Nathan Rees and Kristina Keneally, the the legislation of a trial injuncting centre in 2002 and the legislation to grant a full licence to operate a heroin injecting centre in October 2010, knowing the legislation is in breach of Australia’s commonwealth constitution in tandem with breaches federal laws.

It appears our federal members to parliament, who are our law legislators, introduce laws to protect their bureaucrats (unelected public servants) and members themselves.

One must ask, who in the NSW govt. appears to put a restraining order on our federal police commissioner Mick Kealty, and successive commissioners, Peter Ryan, Ken Maroney, Andrew Scipioni, who was a former customs officer who resigned from his agency because he was not allowed to do his job, and the present commissioner Mick Fuller? Where was the CEO of customs?

It is amazing how many people are unaware that the injecting centres Addicts have to pay hard cash to feed their “addiction “, illegally.

Section 109 of the Australian commonwealth constitution states: inconsistency of laws 109. When a law of a state is inconsistent with a law of the commonwealth, the latter shall prevail , and the former shall, to the extent of the inconsistency, be invalid.

In addition, an act of the Australian commonwealth constitution supports a plaintiff if they can prove that the constitution has been breached.

Operation of the constitution has laws.

This act, and the laws made by the parliament of the commonwealth under the constitution shall be binding on the courts, judjes, and people in every part of the commonwealth, not withstanding anything in the laws of any state.

The nsw govt. passed laws allowing for persons for persons in possession of drugs such as heroin can be used in a licence and government sanctioned place variously called “the shooting gallery “or safe injecting room. The misnomer that it was for heroin, statistics later prove that addicts were also using cocaine, ice , oxycodne. The merits of this law or whether in fact it is likely to provide a safe place for existing users, or whether it will promote a wider use of these hard drugs and the moral issue is not the subject of this commission.

It is clear that the NSW government of breaching section 109 of the Australian constitution which states: “when a law of the state is inconsistent with a law of the commonwealth, the later shall prevail, and the former , to the extent of the inconsistency, be invaded.

The NSW Governments and opposition in tandem with the greens are guilty of committing federal indictable offences against the Australian customs act [ item 104 of schedule 4] states heroin is a prohibited import, in effect no heroin is manufactured in Australia, and in 99% of cases heroin imported bears a chemical signature and must be seized in favour of the commonwealth under particular laws [part X11 Division 1] and the crimes act.

The NSW government law is in conflict with the federal customs act, in that NSW law ostensibly legitimises possession of federally prohibited goods which are forfeited and whose possession is federally restricted. The NSW law is constitutionally invalid and can not stand against the federal law. Section 236 of the customs act and crimes act 1914 section 15 reads as follows:

Any person who aids or abets, councils or procures, or by an act or omission is in any way directly or indirectly knowingly concerned in,or party to, the commission of any offence against the- - -law of the commonwealth, whet is passed before or after the commencement of this act, shall be deemed to have committed that offence and shall be punished accordingly.

Section 231 assembly for law purposes.


Any person to the number of 2 or more assembled for the purpose of

c] Preventing the seizure of any prohibited imports.

Section 233

[1-d] a person shall not, unlawfully convey or have in their possession any prohibited imports.


There are many concerned Australian’s who want the answer why the previous Howard government minister for justice and customs senator Amanda Vanstone deleted section 232 of the customs act, which states:-

Under collusive seizures who ever being an officer of customs or police makes any agreement not to seize goods liable to forfeiture shall be guilty of an indictable offence and shall be liable to imprisonment with or without hard labor for any term not exceeding 5 years. The federal parliament deleted this act within 4 weeks of the opening of the injunction room.

Australia’s senior Supreme Court judge Justice Moffatt , wrote the following brief on heroin. There is none in Australia and none can be imported or manufactured without commonwealth licence. A state law to the contrary would be constitutionally invalid- it is against commonwealth law to provide legal heroin, even for medical purposes. There are overwhelming reasons why control of heroin should remain under the control of a central government. Heroin is described by WHO as a specially dangerous drug and is included in section 1&4 ,therefore even providing maintenance doses for medical purposes under a maintenance program would be in breach of the convention “having a trial “ of something which can not be done

Justice Moffatt served 24 years as a Supreme Court judge and was Australia’s first of many vital support drugs royal commissioner into organised crime.



There are more than a thousand distribution points nationally for taxpayer funded syringes to be given out free to Addicts,allowing them to inject themselves with illegal imported substances such as heroin cocaine and ice.

However people with diabetes have to pay for their syringes for life saving insulin injections , also the increasingly high costs of many support drugs for our pensioners have been deleted from the governments PBS scheme.


Our sources reveal that at least 50% of people going to the Kings Cross injecting rooms are intact first time users, introduced by other users to have supervised shoot ups of their poison of choice, supplied by pushers wanting to make a quick dollar.

In most cases the cost for these addicts can be $1000+/week, this leads to a large increase in petty crimes in order to fund their habit. The majority of Australian’s did not approve of the injecting rooms and were unaware of its current operational costs around $8 million per year of tax payers money, and its a poor result with very few addicts cured to date.



Why has the federal government and their opposition parties failed to expose the breach of the Australian commonwealth constitution and the federal indictable offences committed by the NSW government?

One could be forgiven for believing the NSW government is guilty of fostering an illegal drug culture ably supported by the opposition and the greens and by the illegal legislation in licensing of the Kings Cross injecting rooms.

We also question, for those we have named who you may consider are guilty of mass treason against the young addict visitors to the injection rooms so they may inject these drugs.

Why have the Australian federal police/nsw customs and state police FAILED TO INFORCE federal law.

It appears the only winners are the drug cartels who profit from these illegal imported substances such as heroin, cocaine and ice.


The following evidence supports our allegations, and we wonder if our law enforcement agencies have become political pawns.


Now that you have followed the evidence, we have no doubt that the majority of talk back radio hosts appeared to have ignored the illegality of the state governments sanctioned injection rooms, and appears ably supported by the political journalists from television channels 2, 7,9,10 and sbs in tandem with the political journalists from the SMH , the Sun Herald and the Murdoch news Ltd, the Daily Telegraph and Australian newspapers.


1] why did the the Howard lead government, aided by the silence of the federal opposition both fail to uphold the Australian constitution and enforce federal law?


2] Both the NSW parliament and opposition as well as the major Sydney media have and continue to treat the people of NSW with utter contempt by covering up these serious breaches of federal indictable criminal offences.


3]Who was responsible for preventing the Australian custom officers, the Australian federal Police and NSW police from enforcing federal law?


4] Is it possible that the drug cartels and suppliers to addicts who are using Kings Cross injecting rooms, maybe receiving protection in exchange for financial donations ending up in the political party slush funds?


5] was the Sydney media gagged in investigating this issue for fear of exposing criminal activity by those in high places?


A Sydney resident aired his concerns to each Australian premier about the failure of the Howard government’s failure to uphold Australia’s commonwealth constitution and in force federal laws.

Only premier Peter Beattie (Qld) made representations to the Howard government regarding the concerns of a NSW resident.

Dated 20th June 2000, Sydney resident Mr Phillip Tzavellas received a letter from the department of the prime minister and cabinet.

Dated 8th December 2000, premier Peter Beatie’s chief of staff Rob Widden received a reply from prime minister Howard’s chief of staff, Arthur Sinodinos.

Dated 3rd January 2001, Mr Tzavellas received a response from premier Beatie’s chief of staff Rob Whiddon.

mr Tzavellas sent a further request to Mr Howard, dated Wednesday July 12, 2000. Regarding support for our constitution.

Correspondence dated 23rd August 2000, to the minister for justice and customs from the federal president of the customs officers association of Australia (federal office ) from PP Bennett.

Dated 8th November 2000, the principal advisor for the minister of justice and customs, senator Amanda Vanstone, responds to Mr P Bennett’s letter dated 23rd August 2000.

Dated 6-10-2000 Mr R Spanswick addressed his letters of concerns to the Australian federal police commissioner M.Palmer.

Secretary- Customs officers association of Australia.

Dated 13th October 2000 , Mr R.G. Spanswick received a response from the NSW A/ director operational programs branch of the NSW police service.

Cheryl McCoy on behalf of NSW police commissioner Mr Peter Ryan.

Further breaches of Australia’s commonwealth constitution by Australia’s major political parties by clicking onto is your council corrupt? (Part 3)





The blatant Bastardisation of the English language by the so called left-wing intellectuals.


During the 1950’s and 1960’s, our left-wing, so called intellectuals, whilst studying or lecturing at many of our universities, introduced interpretations, that altered the true meaning of a word.

This word is ‘indigenous ‘. The alteration of this word by the far left-wing (communist learning), was to divide our country by discrimination against our brothers and sisters who were either aboriginal or Torres Strait islanders.

The word “indigenous “ has nothing to do with colour or creed. “Indigenous “ means a persons country of birth. In other words if you were born in Greece, Britain or Italy you are indigenous to those countries. So if you were born in Australia, regardless of your skin colour, you are an “indigenous “ Australian.

These left-wing so called intellectuals, have introduced the new meaning of the word “transgender “.

This is to introduce brain washing to our pre-pubescent children, and in many cases their parents. This would be music to the ears of child predators. Pre-pubescent children, and in many cases young teenagers , are not mentally capable of discerning their sexual feelings. In other word there left- wing brain washers are planting the seed of doubt in our young children’s minds. Experts have told us children would not know whether a boy feels he is a girl or whether a girl feels she is a boy, before their 16rh birthday. They added that children being fed transgender crap could fall victim to sexual predators, if they believe they have no friends,or are being bullied at school,or the parents ignore the problems their children are experiencing.

Every parent is responsible for the welfare of their children, and you must be eternally alert, that their children do not become a victim to the aforementioned left-wing’s b