The Editorial in the Sun-Herald, March 16, 2003 a week prior to the NSW State Election, “Carr Deserves to finish job,” whilst the opposition newspaper the Sunday Telegraph’s Editor Jeni Cooper stated her paper believes a vote for Mr. Carr’s ALP on March 22, 2003 is in the best interests of us all.


These testimonials knowing that Premier Carr and his Deputy Andrew Refshauge the former Health Minister prior to the 1999 State Election promised if re-elected they would resign if they didn’t halve the Elective Surgery waiting list in the first twelve months of their new term.  In fact the waiting list almost doubled and yet the Premier and his Deputy, failed to honour their promise.


The Premier’s spin doctors serving up rhetoric to journalists in the multi-media re; the Liverpool City Council’s involvement with their “Oasis” Development.  The B--- S--- they espoused into the Waterfall rail tragedy. To reduce any fallout the Labor Party might suffer at the upcoming election, March 22, 2003.


An enquiry into former Police Minister Paul Whelan’s possible conflict of Interest re; the lifting of hotel poker machines maximum from ten to thirty, was thwarted when the Reverend Fred Nile and wife Elaine of the Christian Democrats voted with the Carr Government.


When you consider Paul Whelan has a financial interest in three Sydney Metropolitan Hotels one wonders why the Reverend Fred Nile and Elaine threw their Party’s motto “Accountability” by elected members out the door.


The Carr Government’s Deregulation of the Dairy Industry which forced hundreds of farmers off their land.  We are the highest taxed State in Australia with Stamp duty, Land Tax and Green Slips are but a few to mention.


John Della Bosca’s workers compensation bill which put a maximum cap of $250,000 on work place injuries this from a man who was supposed to be the workers friend when he was boss of the NSW Labor Council.


This leaves us with no doubt that a Labor Government is no different to their opposition the Liberal National Coalition when it comes to granting favours to the Multi-National Companies.


When you realize that between July 1, 2001 and June 30, 2002 Insurance Companies received more than four billion dollars in premiums and paid out only 200 million and yet these companies continue to charge prohibitive fees for Public Liability Insurance. 


If you include the ineptness of the relevant Government Agencies re; Transport, Education, Health, Infrastructure and Department of Community Services, (DOCS) one has to ask if the Editors of Sydney’s two Sunday Newspapers were responsible, in their voting advice to their readers.


But to make things worse within a week of the Carr Government being re-elected the same newspapers that encouraged us to vote for Premier Carr in tandem with their Sister Publications began to expose the Government cover ups.  i.e. 11 unsafe railway bridges a risk to commuters’ lives.  Unsafe Millenium trains.


Hospital bed closures created mayhem in emergency wards, forcing ambulances to ferry patients to a hospital with bed vacancies, this is unacceptable.


The biggest cover up is the failure of the Carr Government to institute an independent inquiry into his Government’s fatal project the Lake Carjellico Water Tower in which two workers were killed and three others critically injured.  One of these injured South African workers who was expected to remain in hospital for at least ten days was flown home the day following the tragedy.


All evidence points to the Carr and Howard Government experimenting with Gats (An Agreement on Trade in Services) in the use of foreign sweat labourers who were being paid approximately $27 for a 72 hour week.


What is the truth about the 17 deaths at Campbelltown and Camden Hospitals?  We are entitled to know the true story. 


The most undemocratic action committed by the Carr Government ably assisted by the support of the John Brogden opposition (Liberal-National Coalition) When they legislated to overturn a decision by Justice Neal Bignold in the Land and Environment Court rejected a move by French Company Collex to build a garbage waste management terminal at Clyde in Western Sydney.


It should be noted that Collex has been a financial donor to both the State Labor and Liberal Party Slush Funds.


The reversal of the Judges decision was signed sealed and delivered when David Oldfield and Christian Democrats Reverend Fred Nile and Gordon Moyes voted in support of the Carr Government Bill.  So much for Christian Principles and Accountability.


Premier Carr is known as the king of spin, an art in political rhetoric.  Throughout his Government and his agencies they have become a professional propaganda machine.


The cost to sell the Carr Government’s message to the taxpayer and to keep Ministers and their staff in the style they believe they deserve.  It costs taxpayers $11,000 a day for the Carr Government to monitor their media appearances.


The media monitoring company Rehame charges $3.2 million per year to provide tapes of TV and radio broadcasts to the Government collecting newspaper clippings costs an extra $56,249 per year, whilst the Premier’s own internal media monitoring unit costs another $782,337.  Media staff for the cabinet adds to the cost.


In 2003, there are 21 ministers, including Mr. Carr, with 31 media minders.  Press secretaries wages are between $99,000 and 178,000 per year, the ministers don’t come cheap.  There are senior ministers wages $197,307 and added expenses, i.e. cars and office rentals.  The cost of cabinet is $61 million per year.  The engine room of policy formulation for Government.  The cabinet office cost $24 million per year and Parliament itself about $74 million.


The opposition bill for taxpayers is $1.6 Million, with media monitoring budgeted at around $64,953.




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