The Federal Labor opposition have anointed Paul Keating’s protégé Mark Lathem as their new leader.


One hopes he hasn’t inherited his mentor’s habit of selling off the farm.  i.e. Keating sold the Australian Airline and the “People’s Bank” the Commonwealth, reassuring us, that there would be no branch closures, no job losses, no rises in administration fees and services would be better due to competition between the major banks.


The present Howard Liberal-National Coalition supported the sell offs by their predecessors.  The Howard Coalition was responsible for imposing an 11 cent a litre levy on consumers to pay for a remuneration package created by his Government and the State Labor Governments, when they successfully colluded to deregulate the Dairy Industry.


Prime Minister Howard lied to the Australian Community when he promised there would never ever, ever, be a GST.  But not only did we get a GST we also inherited 600 hidden levies and taxes.


Deputy Prime Minister and National’s Leader John Anderson with the support of his Parliamentary Secretary Queensland member De-Anne Kelly continue to push for the full sale of Telstra.


These representatives of rural Australia fail to inform country people that privatization of Telstra will lead to timed phone calls, higher fees i.e. rental and charges will be the responsibility of the consumer, re; service repairs.


Remember John Anderson imposed a $10 levy on airline passengers to compensate redundant Ansett workers with entitlements they had lost.  Although many workers have not received their full entitlements John Anderson has diverted $190 Million towards National Security.


You that have read our submission to the Federal Parliamentary inquiry into “Coastwatch”, minding the Gate prove that John Anderson is talking a load of Crap.  This is the same man who succeeded in the sell off of the Sydney Airport. There is little difference between the Howard Coalition and Federal Labor when you realize that the Government has retained the creative accounting of unemployment figures (instituted by the Keating Labor Government.


Those unemployed who work a couple of hours a fortnight and receive a full dole payment are statistically counted as being fully employed.


In 1953 the Bob Menzies (Liberal Country Party) Government legislated the “Dual Reciprocation Tax Bill,” allowing foreign companies to pay little or no tax.  To this day not one elected member to Canberra from any of our major political parties has debated or moved to rescind this bill.


Since the implementation of this bill in 1953, Australian Workers, Farmers and Small Business have been subsidizing these foreign companies by being over taxed by successive Government’s. 


The “Lima Declaration” was agreed to by Gough Whitlam and his Labor Government in March 1975, and implemented by the Fraser Coalition and sustained through the Hawke, Keating and the present Howard Coalition.


In 1994 Gats (an agreement on Trade in Services) was placed on the agenda by the Keating Labor Government and is endorsed by the Howard Coalition, as they pursue Free Trade which is part of Gats.  The evidence that you’ve perused proves one thing, that there is little difference in Policies between the Howard – Anderson Coalition and the Latham Labor Opposition, and neither party for the past 20 years to this day, have Proper Infrastructure in place that will benefit our children and their children in the future years.


The Greens are the left wing of the Labor Party whilst the Australian Democrats are the left wing Liberals and in truth are non-entities.  We can see only one alternative, the Independents.


Those who believe in “one Australia, for all Australians” and want our country to find direction should contact their local electoral office, after nominations close ask them for a contact number for Independents, so that you can learn what their policies are and advise them of your concerns and test their reaction.


‘A thought for today,” if you elect an inept Independent, you can vote them out at the next election, whereas for the last 100 years we kicked a major party out of Government only to install the opposition party whose policies overall were similar to the Government we ousted.


Stop Press; It has been reported that Capilano, Farmland and Allowrie Honey that has been blended with Imported Argentinean Honey contains Nitro-Furins which can cause cancer.


Although these products have been on Supermarket shelves since June, AQIS (Australian Quarantine Inspection Services) and the Australian and New Zealand Food Council announced they would investigate the allegations which were aired by Australia’s leading investigative journalist David Richardson on December 8, 2003 edition of “Today, Tonight” on Channel 7.


The aforementioned agencies had been alerted re; the blended imported honey, but chose to ignore complainants concerns.  Australian 100% pure honey is the cleanest and disease free product in the world and does not contain any Nitro-furins.








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