We have to ask how come our elected members to federal, state and territorial Govts have failed to educate their constituents regarding Australia’s Commonwealth constitution? This should be in every school curriculum, Public and Private from year five.

We find it extremely disappointing that the mainstream media, both print and electronic, (Newspapers, radio and Television) have failed to fully inform their readers listeners and viewers, of how elected members of all parliaments Australia wide, have kept their constituents in the dark and in fact treat our nation’s citizens with contempt.

We urge all Australians to carefully peruse our website, involving the Political White Anting of Australia, think carefully, digest what you have read and discover whether what Australia’s mainstream media have been incompetent or have their possibly played political favours, to a major political party.

Our fellow Australians, the Australian constitution is the “Law of the Land” as you have all discovered with elected members of Parliament having dual citizenship.

Let’s expose some of the politicians that the mainstream media put on a pedestal, for instance, they crowned John Howard’s treasurer, Peter Costello as the best event. This is the Treasurer. Who had a surplus budget of over $21 billion that he left for the incoming Rudd labor govt to squander. If Peter Costello was the world’s greatest treasurer, he would have invested the people’s money, in building dams and harvesting water, so that our farmers could win the battle against drought.

As for Prime Minister Howard, he introduced charges for irrigators for the use of water from the Murray-River basin, which was against the meaning of section 100 of our Nation’s constitution.

Nor abridge the right to use water

100. The commonwealth shall not, by any law or regulation of trade or commerce, abridge the right of a state or of the residents therein to the reasonable use of the waters of the rivers for conservation or irrigation.

Mr Howard, appointed his friend Terence Cole QC to head the Royal Commission into the Australian Wheat Board (AWB) involving kickbacks to Saddam Hussein. To us, it appears that Mr. Howard and his senior ministers and commissioner Terence Cole, could have perverted the course of Justice. We have video evidence of an interview in Jordan with Saddam Hussein’s bagman.

In the year 2000, several senior members of, Voice of the People’s lobby group contacted the PM and his Minister for Justice and Customs Amanda Vanstone, that the NSW Carr’s Labor Govt. was unlawfully and unconstitutionally legislating, to grant a licence for a trial heroin injecting room, at Kings Cross. With the backing of all the members of the Greens, not only has the Carr Govt. and every member of the Greens breached the constitution, they also breached the Customs and Federal Crimes Act, in which the Howard federal Govt. was responsible for upholding, on behalf of the Australian people.

The Government also failed to uphold the commonwealth constitution which states that there is freedom of  passage between states of Australia, and will apply to all taxpaying Australian citizens using public roads highways and expressways.

1] This means that Contract agreements between state governments and private toll operators who charge a fee to use these roads is unconstitutional and illegal.

2] These Tollways that are built on crown land also means that the toll operators have no legal authority to impose penalties for non payment of toll charges.