The speculation driven skyrocketing price of petroleum is savaging all Australian citizens, and destroying our agricultural and trucking industries, among many others. This crisis is  orchestrated, not only through the Amsterdam  spot market, where hundreds of ‘paper barrels’ of oil are bought and sold for every actual barrel produced, but also here at home, through the collusion of both Coalition and ALP governments with the British Imperial energy/raw materials cartel over the past two decades or more. The Australian continent and surrounding waters contain some of the worlds greatest deposits of oil and gas, literally oceans of it, while hundreds if not thousands of on and offshore oil wells have been drilled and just capped, in order to create an artificial shortage.

Therefore, to protect the Common Good of this country, both in the present international hyper-inflationary crisis and to secure Australia’s future, we must establish an Australian National Resources Company (ANRC), to control, protect and develop our almost- unimaginable wealth in energy and raw materials, which is presently being looted by RioTinto  BHP Billiton,  Shell BP, etc.

Oil can be, and is now being produced in this country according to my source currently at $20 per barrel[166litres] . However in a briefing given by Mike Yeager, Ex Chief Executive of BHP Billitons Petroleum Sector That’s how we’re able to contribute these extraordinary returns and extraordinary margins to our corporation – something we’re very, very pleased with”

Allowing for refining and distributing costs etc.,at the time a retail margin would translate into an approximate petrol/diesel cost of around 55 cents per lite, before tax.

While the Coalition/ ALP governments provide hundreds of millions or billions in taxpayers funds to British or British controlled companies to develop oil and gas fields, those governments demand almost nothing in return. Yeager: ‘In the deepwater Gulf of Mexico and in Western Australia, we pay very, very small royalties. We keep the majority of the barrels ourselves…So we keep all the upside. If these barrels were in Algeria or some other place in the world, then you’d be sharing that upside with the Government.”

Numerous experts, such as  Maria  Bradshaw, Senior Petroleum Advisor to Geoscience Australia, and Belinda Robinson, Chief Executive of the Australian Petroleum Production & Exploration Association (APPEA), have repeatedly stated that Australia could soon be the second or third largest producer of liquid natural gas (LNG) in the world, “another Qatar”.

Putting aside that oil is often found along with natural gas, the Aust Geo News observed many years ago regarding petroleum, “The continent and it’s marine jurisdiction are vastly underexplored; only 8000 wells have been drilled and many off shore basins have never been tested.” Surveying the state of Australias oil industry, The Australian reported on 14th April 2007, “In terms of offshore frontier basins (i.e. prospective oil fields) Australia has the largest spread and largest variety of any country in the world. There is little doubt that Australia has barely scratched the surface in terms of petroleum exploration.”

This crisis had been orchestrated, both by lack of government policy to develop oil and gas, and because hundreds or even thousands of oil wells which have been drilled, have been “cased and suspended”, as reported by dozens of individuals active in the industry and among other sources even partially by the government itself.

Consider: In 1985, Australia produced 96% of all its crude oil needs through domestic production. Then, consider the following two reports, which document the devastating effects of this Australian government collusion with the British cartels in the ensuing years:

The U.S. Department of Energy’s Energy Information Administration (EIA) reported that Australia’s “net oil imports in 2000 averaged only 65,000 bbl/d, or 7 per cent of total consumption”, then ht 39% of total consumption by 2006 (362,200 bbl/d of 925,000 bbl/d), but “The Australian government expects petroleum import dependency to increase to around 80% in 2010.” (emphasis added)

As Australians, we must decide: Will we continue as a typical, ever more immiserated British colony looted for its raw materials resources, or shall we become, at long last, a sovereign nation securing the Common Good for all of it citizens.

ALP, the Liberals and the Nationals have all collapsed in party membership (i.e. actual popular support) over the past couple of decades, because they have sponsored precisely the free trade, economic rationalist, “globalists ” policies which have ruined our economy; the proposed ‘public funding scam’ is a way to keep them in power, while forcing the taxpayer to put up the funds to do so, saving the corporate cartels who own these parties (ideologically, as well as otherwise) hundreds of millions of dollars.

The initiating role by then NSW Premier Morris Iemma government is a puppet of the city of London’s Macquarie Bank and related entities, which have looted and destroyed hundreds of billions of dollars in public infrastructure via “public-private partnerships (PPPs) and similar scams and the privatisation scams continue today.