History of the sell out of Australia- continues today

VOP Editors Report –2018

The people of Australia are asking their family and friends whether we are being sold out by the major political parties. Paul Keating, as Prime Minister, sold the “People's Bank”, the Commonwealth, giving the big four banks self-regulation and the power to dictate.

Our State Governments (Govts.) are selling off our power stations to foreign investors as well as several of our sea ports. Not to mention that the last of our oil refineries is about to be sold to Asian investors.

The Howard Coalition sold Telstra, and signed a free trade agreement with the United States, with the full support of the Labor (ALP) opposition. This has led to the American farmers' anti-dumping of fruit in our country, forcing our Goulburn Valley farmers to plough 750,000 fruit trees into the ground.

Then we had the Gillard Labor Govt. sell Cubbie Station (93,000 hectares) of prime agricultural land to the Chinese Communist Govt.

The Abbott Coalition must prevent the sale of Warrnambool Cream and Butter Company to foreign investors. The Coalition should display their strength by over-ruling the A triple C's recommendation, and do everything in their powers to retain Australian ownership by allowing Australian companies to become joint owners.

Last, but not least, Grain Corp. must remain in Australian ownership. The American multi-national grain company, Archer-Daniels-Midland, has witnessed several of their board members being convicted and jailed for price manipulation and other offences.

We believe that, if Archer-Daniels-Midland becomes the successful bidder, seeing that Australia is one of the three biggest exporters of grain, then sooner rather than later there will be no exporting of Australian grain, leaving a world shortage of grain crops, forcing prices to explode upwards to the advantage of the American grain farmers, because they are Govt. subsidised.

Should our prognostications become a reality, then we will make those responsible for allowing Grain Corp. to fall into overseas investors' ownership, including the Australian Foreign Investment Review Board, as BEING GUILTY OF AN ACT OF TREASON against the farmers and the Australian people. And this applies to the biggest traitor to the people of Australia, Paul Howes, the National Secretary of the Australian Workers' Union (AWU) who, on Monday, October 18, 2013, publicly called for Tony Abbott and his Coalition Govt. to sell Grain Corp. Howes is a man who has never performed successfully by doing a day's hard work, or in delivering a fair and honest opinion that benefits his fellow Australians.

Malcolm Turnbull as CEO of  Goldman Sachs  Aust  had a proposal tabled in NSW State Parliament to buy a contract for maintenance and distribution of NSW water supply. However he stepped down to pursue a political role.!

We are wondering why would you leave a corporate position, with investments and bonuses in the $Millions to pursue a political role , on a backbench’s salary of  $178,000!