Climate change plan 'could ruin Australia'

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AUSTRALIA will go broke and become the laughing stock of the world if politicians ignore basic science on climate change, a leading global warming sceptic says.

Adelaide University professor of mining geology, Ian Plimer, said he feared Australia would become an economic backwater if due diligence was not part of developing climate change policy.
"My greatest fear is this country's lights will go out and the rest of the world will think no one is home - and they will be right," Professor Plimer said today.

"Australia will go broke and will become the laughing stock of the world if our political leaders keep making decisions on climate change based on ideology rather than on science.

"This country is heading down a very dangerous path of self-destruction if these people continue on their current path of ignorance and ignore scientific due diligence when making such important decisions about the future of this country."

Prof Plimer's comments came as he delivered the annual Essington Lewis Memorial Lecture in honour of a former chief executive and chairman of BHP.

He is one of Australia's most outspoken climate change sceptics and rejects the suggestion that increased levels of carbon dioxide are responsible for global warming.

He contends that water vapour is responsible for most of the so-called greenhouse effect.

"People have accused me of over-reacting and over-exaggerating my views on the topic but they are playing the man and not the ball," Prof Plimer said.

"I have not heard one of them base their opinion on science or intellect - and that is what needs to be debated.

"Our past is the key to the present and science does not operate by consensus, bullying, authority, government decree, fads or fashion, personal beliefs or vested interests."

Prof Plimer also used today's lecture to embrace the push for nuclear energy.

He said Australia had the potential to "rule the world" with its vast uranium resources and described nuclear power as clean and green.

"It's no secret, the more energy a country uses, the richer it becomes," he said.

"Yet in Australia we are told nuclear energy is dangerous and that climate change is human induced and dangerous.

"So on top of everything else it needs to contend with, the mining industry is now confronted by a new age of irrationality."


Professor Ian Plimer is Australia’s most senior geogoligist