Have the left-wing Labor (ALP) Party, the Communist thinking Greens and the Liberal-Country Party cum Nationals are guilty of working together to white-ant their fellow Australians?  Following is the evidence that concerns us:

In March 1975, the Whitlam Labor Government signed the “Lima Declaration”, a document that even a ten-year-old would not have signed.  

Then in 1976, the Fraser Coalition Government, with the assistance of his Treasurer John Howard, signed the Oil Parity pricing agreement Prime Minister Fraser, in tandem with Philip Lynch, transferred approximately 470 million dollars from the Welfare Fund to Consolidated Revenue. Also in 1985, the Hawke-Keating Labor Government repealed Acts numbers 39, 40 and 41 of the 1945 (The National Welfare Fund).  Thus, the funds finally ceased to exist.  It is worth remembering that all the evidence we are providing has not been opposed by the Opposition Parties to the ruling Government.

The Keating Labor Government sold the People’s Bank – the Commonwealth – which gave the major banks self-regulation.

The Howard Government, in tandem with the State Labor Governments, deregulated the dairy industry based on political lies.  This forced fourth and fifth generation dairy farmers (20,000 farmers plus) into bankruptcy or to leave the land.

The Howard Government privatised Telstra.

The Howard Govt., supported by their National Coalition partners John Anderson, Mark Vaile and Warren Truss, were responsible for betraying Australian farmers and Australian manufacturers by signing a Free Trade Agreement with the United States.  Every Federal Green and Labor Senator was given the following summary of the U.S./Australia Free Trade Agreement.  With the full knowledge of this agreement, the Opposition Senators crossed the floor and voted with the Howard Coalition. .

To understand the full impact of the white-anting of our once-great Country, you would have to study our website in its entirety.

Both the Gillard Government and the Abbott Opposition continue to support keeping our brave soldiers in Afghanistan, whilst that country’s young men desert their country and invade Australia illegally by entering our country by boat, without identification papers.

The Gillard left-wing Labor Govt. and the watermelon Greens – green on the outside and red in the centre – in tandem with the Abbott-Truss Opposition, appear to support their State Government colleagues in enforcing a communist policy of Compulsory Acquisition of Land Act.  This power has been given to Local Councils and Shires, which is illegal and unconstitutional.

But, the greatest act of treason against the Australian people is that both the Gillard Labor Govt. and the Abbott Opposition are supporting the sale of Prime Agricultural Lands to foreign interests, headed by the Communist China Government.  The latest purchase to be approved is “Cubby Station”, which in size is approximately 93,000 hectares (about 250,000 acres).  This property is going to be utilised to feed the people of Communist China.  We have not only lost prime Agricultural Land, we have also lost the taxable income from the home-grown product because Communist China’s Government will declare that they have exported their products to their homeland at cost price.  In other words, you don’t have to pay tax on a non-profit transaction.

For more than 37 years, elected Members of Parliament, in both Federal and State Governments, have betrayed the Australian people, aided in many cases with the support of the Opposition Parties. Always remember, our elected party members must toe the party caucus line, regardless of what the adverse effects will have on their Constituents.  It appears that the elected Governments, both State and Federal, have more regard for the Multi-National companies, both foreign and domestic, which includes Developers and Real Estate Agents, than they have for their Constituents.

If you are a truly a “fair dinkum Aussie” who is concerned about the direction in which our once great Country is heading, we ask you to join us in spreading the truth about the political white-anting of our Country to your family members, relations, friends and their friends.

In 2012 the Federal Labor Environment Minister, Tony Burke, gave permission for the controversial super-trawler “Margiris” to fish in Australian waters, The 142 metre Dutch-owned trawler arrived in Tasmania.  Mr. Burke, as part of the Gillard Government, in tandem with the Greens, has greatly reduced fishing along the eastern seaboard by increasing marine parks.  In other words, fishing for Australians has been drastically reduced, but not for foreigners. 

“Why do they hate Australia?