(1)               As a government and impose taxation.

(2)               As lawmakers and impose fines.

(3)               As a property valuer or property agents.

(4)               As a business or enterprise.

(5)               As investment bodies for the Ratepayers.


In addition, Australian ratepayers pay State taxes for the maintenance for roads, kerbs, pavements and public parks  -  exactly the same reason we are charged Council and Shire rates.


The following legal precedent from a High Court decision is proof that any of the aforementioned actions by Local Councils or Shires are illegal and unconstitutional.


In the Matter of Bankstown City Council v Alamdo Pty. Limited (2005)  HCA46.


Their Honours GLEESON C.J., HAYNES AND CALLINAN J.J. Stated:-  “The Appellant (“the Council”) is a body corporate constituted as a council.”


It is worth noting that those Australians who pay rent are themselves de facto ratepayers as their landlords incorporate their rates into the rents.  When rates rise, so do rents.  It is well overdue for the citizens of our Nation to join together to become one Australia for all Australians.  We must reverse the current trend and return our Nation to once again being a one of Democratic values.


It is for this reason that we have, at “Voice of the People Lobby Group”, decided to align our organisation with Ratepayers Victoria.  To find the link for this group, google: ratepayers victoria. In addition, we are supporting the “Commonwealth Alliance” group, who have been the backbone of the present litigation against the Gold Coast City Council in the District Court of Queensland.


Furthermore, we are in serious negotiations with a Western Australian group who are fed up with being usurped by their Local Councils and Shires.  Should you, as a concerned Australian, be willing to become part of a class action against Local Councils and Shires, would you email us at:


Per head of population, Australia is the most over-governed country in the world, as well as being among the most highly taxed countries in the world.