We have dealt partially with the Deregulation of banks but our researchers have advised us, to repair the damage, we have no alternative but to create a Government run Commonwealth Community Bank in which branches of the former "Commonwealth Bank" will be reopened, employment regenerated and the return of good customer services.

De facto relationships in politics! Where was the National Party when their senior partner the Howard Liberals' deregulated the dairy farming industry? Why did the Meg Lees' Democrats and the Labor Party allow this Deregulation Bill to pass in the Senate? Where were Labors' de facto "Country Labor" and the Unions? Not one of the major parties or their de factos raised a 'whimper' in the defence of farmers were receiving 52c per litre for their milk prior to Deregulation July 1, 2000 yet in less than 5 months the price dropped to as little as 27c per litre. Remember that State Premiers of both political persuasions failed to support you, the dairy farmers, in your struggle.

Our blue print to save industries include dairy, primary producers, agriculture and the rebirth of our manufacturers.

Our watering Australia and salinity policy will be revealed closer to election time as we have a distrust of our political rivals. We believe we can treble the South Australian, Victorian, N.S.W. and Federal Governments 10 year plan of 28% water capacity for the Murray River, in fact we can do it in half the time for the same cost bringing massive employment to rural and regional Australia.

Our researchers have been working diligently for more than two years in the quest of answers to our Nation's problems. We believe as we unveil our policies leading up to the Federal Election, Australians will come to understand our blue print is the best for all Australia since the beginning of Federation (1901). One Australia for all Australians.

The rise of Pauline Hanson's One Nation Party jolted the major parties so much, that in late 1999 they legislated to raise membership numbers from 500 to 1000 in the hope there will never be another party to genuinely challenge them.

Therefore we are calling for genuine Australians, "Multi National Companies" need not apply, who believe in the future of our Country, support our policies and feel they can contribute to a better Australia.