Action List for Australian Government            


To :  Senators  Brian Burston/Simon Birmingham/Matthew Canavan John Williams/ Cory Bernardi /Pauline Hanson





*KEY INFRASTRUCTURE PROJECTS                                                                

Federal and State Government’s must:-

1] legislate for a national Water Policy, and Investment in capture and storage distribution of our most precious resource. the catalyst For our agriculture and farming industries.

2] Immediate funding and implementation of Electricity projects to ensure further development of State/Federal Controlled Coal Powered Generating stations [utilising optional low cost emission control systems]

3] Implement development strategies at hand to build commercial heavy gauge rail network across key area’s of Australia. Develop High speed passenger rail system linking growth area’s to workplace.  

4] Fast track national roads and super hi-ways projects. [ funding to be used from the $18 billion+ annual Federal Fuel levy ].



The current tax system is too complex and compromises  productivity and  growth for the average Australian,  This system allows large multi-national corporations to pay minimum tax while the workers  pay the large portion of the tax revenue. This system will not provide enough tax revenue to fund Australia’s future requirements. The fairer Tax System is a Transaction Tax of 1.5% which applies to transactions of monetary value . There will be no GST. Remember there will be no other Taxes

A transaction Tax will fund the current Fed Governments $460 billion+ debt, and within 3years would elimate this $5Billion in interest from these foreign financiers for which the taxpayers will have to fund into the future.

A Transaction Tax would eliminate Fuel taxes and levies ie: Retail pump Price for all Fuels and Bi-products , Petrol Prices today would be $85.0c per/litre.



A] Immediately implement strategies to abolish GATS [ goods in trades  and services ] agreement , ensure strict control over issue of Government contracts to foreign owned companies.

B] Review Corporations Law –re  the sale of Australia’s wealth to foreign Ownership.                                                                                                    





A] Immediately abolish the LIMA DECLARATION agreement. [This agreement sold our manufacturing technology to third world countries at the expense of our own industry and loss of jobs.

B] Terminate Dual Reciprocation Bill this allows [TNC] Transnational corporations to pay little or no tax in Australia.

C] Implement strategies to reduce the sale of Australian Intellectual assets privately owned to foreign corporations.

D] Implement immediate investigation into the lack of action of ACCC in respect to Petroleum Companies and fuel pricing, and its inflationary effect on Aust economy and Australian families.

ie: The Frazer Gov and Treasurer Howard  introduced  a  Fuel Parity Pricing , and in the mid 70’s

In the 80’s Keeting/ Hawke Gov’s intro of  Bi Annual Levies on

Fuel/alcohol/Tobacco  – still applies.



The Government and farmers federation to instigate immediate independent enquiry into the long term effects of Mosanto/Dupont corporations of their GMO [ Genetically Engineered products] to food production in Australia.

These have already proved to be a disaster to farmers in many countries like USA/EU/ Japan/ China/ India. With multi million dollar law suites already paid out by Monsanto , and many more in progress. A number of these countries have banned imports of GMO’s.



Draft legislation to approve the introduction of government guaranteed Bank for all Australian Citizens. Membership would exclude corporations and or foreign investors.

The board of management selection would ideally consist of 50/50 Government and Australian account holders.

Benefits would be enormous to both consumers and Government as profits can be invested into government guaranteed  bonds , also to self-fund Australia’s infrastructure into the future.

The Private Banks will still operate very successfully, however they will need to be more competitive , and their shareholders less greedy.  



Australian workers compulsory Superannuation funds [ under management in the private sector] to be guaranteed [ underwritten ] by the Federal government.

Self Funded Retirees to have immediate increase in proportional payments of their super, in-line with real CPI and the value of their assets, [not including their home]                                                                         




The ultimate success of a nation is with its people and the ability to contribute and work to build the best lifestyle possible, however in tough times we need to look after each other, especially our families and those senior citizens who have built this country before us and paid Taxes , thus we must ensure as a priority that all eligible Australians can contribute by producing a source of income.

The benefits of excessive Immigration are eroded , when there is no direct employment opportunities or is at the expense of a suitable unemployed Australian,  this becomes counter productive and costly.

It is economically and socially irresponsible for Government to continue having increased immigration targets of population growth, without the infrastructure and investment to create active employment.

Persons who Enter Australia Illegally with or without Passport must be returned to country of Origin immediately.