Following is author of “22 Steps to Global Tyranny” Graham Strachan’s 90’s brief summary continues today.            




1.    National Governments will relinquish control of their money, float their currency, and remove all controls over the flow of money into and out of the country.


2.    National Government will continue the practice of borrowing from the International Bankers to finance their affairs.


3.    National Governments will depend on International Investment for all future development.


4.    National Governments will ensure International (not National) ownership of their banks and financial institutions by Trans-national corporations and Global Investors.


5.    National Governments will wind back spending on welfare and social programmes, including Education and Health.




6.    National Governments will ensure International (not National) ownership of their Industries and business by Trans-national Corporations (TNC’s) and Global Investors.


7.    National Governments will remove all impediments to the activities of TNCs and Global Investors in exploiting their resources including human resources.


8.    National Governments will abolish all measures, including exemptions under Trade Practices legislation, which protect or assist small/medium sized Nationally-owned business.


9.    National Governments will abolish all forms of protection (Tariffs, Import Restrictions, Subsidies) for Local Industries.




10.                        National Governments will dis-empower unions, abolish wage fixation, and allow their labour forces to compete in an unregulated Global labour market.



National Governments will sell all Publicly-owned Government-run enterprises and public Utilities to TNCs and Global Investors.




12.                       National Governments will ensure International (not National) ownership of Farms by Trans-national Agribusiness Corporations (TNCs) and Global Investors.


13.                       National Governments will adopt policies of producing for export, and importing for Local Consumption.


14.                       National Government will Abolish all forms of protection (Tariffs, Import Restrictions, Subsidies) for locally owned farms.


15.                       National Governments will enter into agreements with International bodies which hand over ownership and control of their Countries’ Natural Resources.




16.                       National Governments will sign Multilateral treaties at the United Nations which surrender their Political and Legal Sovereignty.


17.                       National Governments will adopt policies of ‘Regionalism’ and ‘Multiculturism’, and other policies which will eventually eliminate National Borders, Culture, and Identity and Create Global Citizens.


18.                       National Governments will agree to implement globally determined environmental, social and cultural programmes in their country.




19.                       National Governments will wind back their National Armed Forces to level sufficient only to subdue their own people and participate in ‘Global Peacekeeping’ activities as required by the United Nations (U.N.).


20.                       National Governments will disarm their own citizens so there can be no armed resistance to Globalisation.


21.                       National Governments will maintain a working relationship with their Local Media who will Divert Attention from these developments until they are too far progressed to be reversed.


22.                       National Governments will agree to ultimately surrender their own sovereignty and take direction from the World Government.  What is interesting about Graham Strachan’s “22 Steps to Global Tyranny” is how accurate his predictions have become in 2018 considering we perused his book in 1995.