The decline of a civilization happens when itís people do not fight for its values, whether they be social cultural or political. Instead there is attempt to remove historical statues, control languages and our thoughts and Christian values , freedom of free speech and open debate, poor government policy  sale of Australiaís intellectual  property and key resources .

We as Australians must acknowledge this as have many of Western countries and fight at its source , we must continue to build a smarter future generation to understand a democratic and free society to uphold our constitution and Bill of Rights set out by our forefathers .

All societies make mistakes and its not Racist to fight for your rights that makes you Australian, We have benefited in the past from Immigration, the majority of those people helped to build a great Australia today we must be more aware of the pitfalls that can result of an open immigration policy, lets not sell out our precious jewel cheaply because of  Ideologies of some of those who are in positions of political power, remember our Aussie ancestors fought and died to establish us today.