Multi national power company AGL to bleed there battling consumers

The following notice is on an AGL gas account to the pensioner customers for August, period under useful information:

Important changes to your energy prices. Your energy prices changed from 1 July 2016. This may include your rates and fees. Is it prices and enter your details to view your old and new prices.
from first of October 2016 we are also introducing new fees, including a fee for issuing pay the bills. Please refer to the information included with your bill for more details.

It's obvious that the majority of battling pensioners disabled and return service people Who cannot afford to be part of the IT generation are to be financially crippled by the Australian Gaslight company. Every Australian should be aware that consumers have little or no protection of price gouging by multinational corporations by government with the major political parties. The bureaucrats in their political bosses push the fallacy that the independent pricing tribunal is for the protection of the consumers. Pricing tribunal is not independent in fact they are appointed by the state government and paid by the taxpayers of the state. Set up with the heinous treatment that multinational companies such as banks insurance and power companies to mention a few, many of the aforementioned, are advising the children and grandchildren never to invest into our defence force as the only beneficiaries big business.

In 2019, New South Wales have one last chance to rectify the political injustices dealt out to their struggling constituents, because we have a state and federal election. We have approximately three years to work on forming in opposition political party to combat the state and federal failures, by the Labour party Liberal National coalition the greens in the Christian Democrats.

Party who wants to uphold Australia is Commonwealth Constitution by introducing into state parliament legislation retrospective laws to the New South Wales crimes act, for these guilty of committing indictable offence is under the act, with no expiry date.

Our investigators a former senior law in Forseman customs agents, former Australian Fedral and state police offices. They have compiled damning evidence against the elected and appointed members of government, The agencies including fraudulent development approvals by councils.

Is time for us to become one Australia for all Australians, where we work together to defend impressive behaviour of the multinational companies, against our disabled, pensioners and returned service people.

It is worth remembering amongst the 100,000+ homeless, there are 3000 return service people. Are these the lucky Australians our state and federal latest post of?

This has been sent on behalf of Philip Tzavellas

Luke McKeown
Status Flow Plumbing