Before you settle down to peruse out three-part submission on “Is Your Council Corrupt?”,

May we suggest you have a notebook and pen handy, enabling you to make notes regarding

council’s fraudulent acts.


Is it possible that the major political parties hijacked Australian councils, as far back as the

year 1988?


Why have the mainstream media failed to expose the criminal acts of many Australian



Is It possible that the mainstream media’s proprietors or journalists from the electronic

(TV and Radio) or the Print (Newspapers) could be protecting their political or financial interests?


Is it possible that Australia’s Federal< State and Territorial Governments have deliberately turned a blind eye to the illegal and unconstitutional existence of local councils?


Is it possible that the aforementioned turned a blind eye to an enormous conflict to exist by allowing Developers, Real Estate Owners or their senior Management to stand in Councils Elections?


Is it possible that the NSW State Government (Govt) has appointed P.M. Malcolm Turnbull’s

wife Lucy, as the new Chair of the Greater Commission, in the hope that Australia’s

resident/taxpayers will never discover how successive federal, State and Territorial Govts.

Since late September 1988 treated the Australian public as “brain dead”, by covering up

their continual breaches of our Commonwealth constitution and breaking our Federal laws?


Come on Australia – it’s time to stand up for our democratic Rights by asking your family,

your relations, your friends and their friends to peruse our three-part submission.


For further information on Council and State Governments’  misdemeanours, click onto  - Update – April 2015


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