Editorial June 2013

In Queensland, 200,000 persons were displaced because of the floods and cyclones in February 2011 as well as since then, because some areas in the Far North are still flooding.
Two hundred and forty nine million dollars ($249,000,000) were raised in the second largest public appeal since the Victorian bushfires of two summers ago. More than $300,000,000 was raised Australia-wide for those fire victims. In BOTH cases money still has NOT been distributed -- or it has been allocated to public areas which it is assumed were NEVER intended to receive money that was raised for the benefit of individual Australians and Australian families displaced by either fire or flood.
On Christmas Island, illegal immigrants -- boat people -- call them what you will, SET FIRE TO THE ACCOMMODATION THEY were given by the Australian government and now they will be housed in first class hotels and motels ON THE MAINLAND Total costs for FY 2012-13 are on track to reach $2.1 Billion, and while tax-paying Australians are still displaced in their thousands! And will continue that way under the easing of 457 visa status. Read what I received in my inbox, below.
If your hair is now BLACK, it will turn WHITE by the time you finish. If you have a full head of hair, be prepared to wake up BALD, tomorrow, when you fully grasp the situation.
Three hundred boat people have been housed at the RAAF Sherger Air Base in Weipa.
· All are being accepted into Australia.
· All are men.
· All receive the pension same as our pensioners.
· All get the same amount again for hardship payment this equals twice what our pensioners get!
· All receive an extra $50 a day for spending money.
· Security staff are employed to watch them.
· Chefs are employed to feed them (one quarter of a tonne of chicken a day alone is cooked.
They won't pick up their own rubbish.
There was a massive dispute because they didn't like the radio station.
Another dispute because batteries were flat for the Nintendo games.
Tents set up for mosque prayers had to be air conditioned.
The Bores/Wells set up to run RAAF Sherger adequately, are now dry because taps are left running all day long.
Sewerage systems now blocked with condoms (???) supplied to them (and all of them are men remember).
Dept of Immigration & Citizenship (DIAC) wants the Dept of Defence to pay all of the bills, so that the Government can hide the costs of allowing three hundred refugees into the country, from tax-paying Australians.
Australian taxpayers need to know.
Now the PM wants to introduce another tax to pay for the floods, because the Government does not have enough money to look after its own taxpayers..
What is wrong with Australias major political parties Australians should be demanding a total change, we need politicians to work for the people, and the prosperity of the country. We are losing our identity , our education and skills are in neutral gear. What do we do !
VOP have told you the answers, It starts now with the 2013 federal election, make sure that your vote counts, firstly to eliminate the major parties majority in the Senate.


                                                                                         Did You Know

NSW Premier Barry OFarrell and his Liberal-National Coalition have betrayed the Hunter Valley Landholders to side with the Mining companies.
Editorial June 2013
NSW Planning Minister Brad Gazzard has joined Rio Tint in an appeal to the Supreme Court to permit an expansion of the Warkworth Mine in the Hunter Valley. The Minister and Rio Tinto subsidiary, Coal and Allied, are appealing a decision by Chief Justice Brian Preston of the NSW Land and Environment Court to ban the expansion.
A department spokesperson said the Courts decision may have implications that are broader than this particular development, in particular for the assessment of other mining projects.
It is common practice and appropriate that, as custodian of the NSW planning system, the Minister is represented in deliberations of this kind.
The Ministers representatives will not be arguing the merits of the Mount Thorley Warkworth development he said. Mr Hazzard was guilty of betraying Hunter Valley landholders when he approved the mine in 2012, but Chief Justice Preston reversed that decision in April 2013 due to significant, adverse biological diversity, noise and dust, and social impacts of the project, after an application by residents.
Rio Tinto lodged its appeal in early May 2013 against Chief Justice Prestons decision and was granted an expedited appeal in the NSW Supreme Court. A hearing has been scheduled for July 30, 2013.
In February last year, Planning Minister Brad Hazzard approved a 1271 hectare expansion of Rio Tintos open-cut mining operations near Bulga, which the company claims will give it access to more thermal and semi-soft coking coal. It also asked for permission to keep operating the mine until 2031, 10 years after the expiry date.
The Planning Department found that not granting the extension would prevent about $32 billion worth of coal being extracted from the Hunter Valley Mine.
It appears that Premier OFarrell, Planning Minister Brad Hazzard and Energy Minister Chris Hartcher are no different to their predecessors Ian Macdonald, Tony Kelly and several State Labor Premiers. Ministers OFarrell, Hazzard, Hartcher and the NSW Planning Department, headed by Director-General Sam Haddad, have failed to have a full investigation into the environmental impact the mining of coal could create. For example, is there any possibility that water aquifiers could become contaminated? How much damage there would be to the to the residents quality of life and surrounding thoroughbred studs. It is quite obvious that the greed of the OFarrell Stoner Liberal National Coalition is exactly the same as the previous Labor Government.
Our investigators are going to compile as much damning evidence against the OFarrell Government and their senior bureaucrats, which will include how his Government allowed 45 police officers to escort mining workers on to farms at Doubtful Creek in the Northern Rivers on Tuesday February 5, 2013. We have some very enlarged colour photos of these police in action. Local farmers, Githabul Traditional Owners, Kyogle residents and friends from across the Northern Rivers came to support the local community from across the Northern Rivers came to support the local community from the Megasco planned CSC exploratory operations. By the next State election in 2015, we will prove a vote for the Coalition is no different to voting Labor.

Over the past 50 years Australias Federal Government have undermined their constituents in signing of many treaties with the United Nations
Our Canberra Report 2013
With the Consecutive Federal Governments signings of these treaties , effectively aligning us to the real face of the united nations push for a One World Government of which is based on Communist Ideology .
The following facts represent a chain of events that will eventually lead to the erosion of our quality of life in Australia.
1] The Lima Declaration ,> Click Updates Nov/2007 [Federal Election]
The implementation of this agreement has already had devastating effect on our Agricultural and Manufacturing Industries.
2] Goods in Trades and Services [ GATS] >Click read Updates Nov/2007[Federal Election]
Border Security [Open door Policy]>Click Updates Nov / 2007
The US/Australia Free Trade Agreement[USFTA]
This agreement was designed to enhance Australias exports to the USA and our manufacturers access to the USA Government tendering contracts, what our Trade minister and his cabinet signed up to has resulted in the further erosion of our exports, Refer to Document enclosed headed [The United States Australia FTA]
3] Signing of Australias Commitment to Global Warming submission by United Nations. Endorsed by Kevin Rudd / Penny Wong/Ross Garnaut/ Tim Flannery/ Greg Combet /Bill Shorten/Julia Gillard/Malcolm Turnbull/Joe Hockey/Ian Macfarlane / Bob Brown / Christine Milnes Ref [ Copenhagen Summit Document] > Link on home page and > Link Updates Jan/2010 [carbon Trading the worlds next biggest market ]

Did you know

Following is author of 22 Steps to Global Tyranny Graham Strachans 90s brief summary continues today.
National Governments will relinquish control of their money, float their currency, and remove all controls over the flow of money into and out of the country.
National Government will continue the practice of borrowing from the International Bankers to finance their affairs.
National Governments will depend on International Investment for all future development.
National Governments will ensure International (not National) ownership of their banks and financial institutions by Trans-national corporations and Global Investors.
National Governments will wind back spending on welfare and social programmes, including Education and Health.
National Governments will ensure International (not National) ownership of their Industries and business by Trans-national Corporations (TNCs) and Global Investors.
National Governments will remove all impediments to the activities of TNCs and Global Investors in exploiting their resources including human resources.
National Governments will abolish all measures, including exemptions under Trade Practices legislation, which protect or assist small/medium sized Nationally-owned business.
National Governments will abolish all forms of protection (Tariffs, Import Restrictions, Subsidies) for Local Industries.
 National Governments will dis-empower unions, abolish wage fixation, and allow their labour forces to compete in an unregulated Global labour market.
National Governments will sell all Publicly-owned Government-run enterprises and public Utilities to TNCs and Global Investors.
National Governments will ensure International (not National) ownership of Farms by Trans-national Agribusiness Corporations (TNCs) and Global Investors.
National Governments will adopt policies of producing for export, and importing for Local Consumption.
National Government will Abolish all forms of protection (Tariffs, Import Restrictions, Subsidies) for locally owned farms.
National Governments will enter into agreements with International bodies which hand over ownership and control of their Countries Natural Resources.

National Governments will sign Multilateral treaties at the United Nations which surrender their Political and Legal Sovereignty.
National Governments will adopt policies of Regionalism and Multiculturism, and other policies which will eventually eliminate National Borders, Culture, and Identity and Create Global Citizens.
National Governments will agree to implement globally determined environmental, social and cultural programmes in their country.
National Governments will wind back their National Armed Forces to level sufficient only to subdue their own people and participate in Global Peacekeeping activities as required by the United Nations (U.N.).
National Governments will disarm their own citizens so there can be no armed resistance to Globalisation.
National Governments will maintain a working relationship with their Local Media who will Divert Attention from these developments until they are too far progressed to be reversed.
National Governments will agree to ultimately surrender their own sovereignty and take direction from the World Government.  What is interesting about Graham Strachans 22 Steps to Global Tyranny is how accurate his predictions have become considering we perused his book in 1995.

                                                                                     Did you Know

It appears NSW OFarrell Government will alter legislation to protect the coal seam gas companies.
Direct from the source June 2013
The following legislation up to December 31, 2012 had not been amended. The big question is whether the OFarrell Government will move to amend the following Petroleum (Onshore) Act 1991, without an independent investigation into the environmental impact that coal seam gas mining will have on residents/landholders and whether water aquafiers could become contaminated?
Petroleum (Onshore) Act 1991 Section 22.
22 Cancellation and suspension of title
(1) A petroleum title may be cancelled by the Minister if its holder, at any time during the term of the title:
fails to fulfil or contravenes any of the conditions of the title, or
fails to use the land comprised in the title in good faith for the purposes for which it has been granted, or
uses the land for a purpose other than that for which the title has been granted, or
contravenes a provision of this Act or the regulations (whether or not the holder is prosecuted or convicted of an offence arising from the contravention).
(2) A petroleum title may be cancelled either wholly or in part by the Minister on the written request of the holder of the title.
(2AA) A request for cancellation of a petroleum title may be withdrawn by means of a written notice of withdrawal signed by the holder of the title and lodged with the Director-General. The request ceases to have effect when the notice of withdrawal is lodged.
(2A) The Minister may refuse to cancel a title in whole or in part unless:
all data and reports due under the regulations have been submitted, and
all data gathered, and operations carried on, during any period not covered in any such report are made the subject of a full report submitted to the Minister.
(3) If during the term of any petroleum title any part of the land comprised in the title is required for any public purpose, the Minister may, on one months notice given by the Minister to the holder of the title, cancel the title so far as it relates to the relevant part of the land, either with or without restrictions as to depth.
(3A) The Minister may suspend all or any specified operations under a petroleum title until further notice if the holder of the title contravenes:
a requirement under this Act to pay royalty, or to give or maintain security for the performance of the holders obligations under the title, or
any condition of the title that is identified as a condition related to environmental management.
(3B) A condition of a title is identified as a condition related to environmental management if the condition is identified as a condition related to environmental management:
in the title, or
in any notice of the imposition or variation of the condition given to the title holder.
(4) Cancellation of, or suspension of operations under, a petroleum title takes effect on the date on which written notice of the cancellation or suspension concerned is served on the holder of the title, or on such later date as is specified in the notice.
(4A) Notice of a cancellation of a petroleum title is to be published in the Gazette as soon as practicable after the cancellation takes effect.
(5) No compensation is payable by the Crown for or in respect of the cancellation of, or a suspension of operations under, a petroleum title.
(6) Before cancelling a title on a ground referred to in subsection (1), or suspending operations under a title, the Minister:
must cause written notice of the proposed cancellation or suspension, and of the grounds of the proposed cancellation or suspension, to be served on the holder of the title, and
must give the holder of the title a reasonable opportunity to make representations with respect to the proposed cancellation or suspension, and
must take any such representations into consideration.
(7) A suspension under this section is revoked on the date on which written notice from the Minister is served on the holder of the affected petroleum title or on such later date as is specified in the notice.
(8) While any operations under a petroleum title are suspended, the title confers no right on its holder to carry out the operations concerned.

Should the OFarrell Government attempt to betray the residents/landholders of NSW by amending the aforementioned Act to protect the mining companies, we will expose them publicly on our website.
Should the OFarrell Government become the modern day Judas by allowing CSG mining to go ahead in the vicinity of built up areas, near our water catchment areas or on prime agricultural land, we will be obliged to make their betrayal public. NSW and in fact, Australia, cannot afford the destruction of our prime agricultural land, or our drinking water contaminated. For a better future for our children and grandchildren, we must make everyone aware of the possible Government skulduggery by making our family, relations, friends and their friends know what is occurring.



 The following is a simplified break-down of the FTA [ as signed by the US trade commissioner Washington DC ] adding further evidence to how Australia has been betrayed by the liberal-National Coalition and the Australian Labor Party (ALP).
On Thursday June 24, 2004 more than 50% of Labor's lower House member crossed the floor of parliament to support the Howard-Anderson Coalition's Free Trade Agreement Bill with the U.S. Mark Latham's federal oppoDid you know
sition was supported publicly by his six labor State Premiers, to pass the FTA in the lower house.
The veiled secrecy by the Federal Minister for Trade Mark Vaile and his colleagues in tandem with the Latham Labor opposition's failure to, inform the Australian public what concessions were conceded to the U.S. in exchange for a FTA is, and act of total contempt against, the constituents who elected them to democratically represent us, the Australian people.
We going to evaluate and simplify the true impact of the concessions conceded to the U.S. for a FTA and prove beyond reasonable doubt that the two major political parties (Liberal-National and Labor) have covertly betrayed their fellow Australians.
Trade Facts
Office of the United States Trade Representative Washington, DC
U.S. - Australia Free Trade Agreement, brief summary of the agreement
(1)    An FTA for America's Manufacturing Sector: More that 99 percent of U.S. manufactured exports to Australia will become duty-free immediately upon entry into force of the Agreement. This is the most significant immediate reduction of industrial tariffs ever achieved in a U.S. FTA, and will provide benefits for America's manufacturing workers and companies; U.S. manufactures estimate that the elimination of tariffs could results in $2 billion per year in increased U.S. exports of manufactured goods. There will be significant benefits for such key U.S. Manufacturing sectors as autos and auto parts; chemicals, plastics and soda ash; information technology products; electrical equipment and appliances; non-electrical machinery; fabricated metal products; construction equipment; paper and wood products; furniture and fixtures; and medical and scientific equipment.
Fact: Australia and U.S. Manufacturing Tariffs are already very low, the exception in a few key areas where Tariffs do exist in the U.S., many will remain.
We will be barred from selling our world class, high performance and competitive fast ferries to the U.S. The U.S. gets 99% access to our markets no questions asked. The U.S. believe their manufacturers will benefit to the tune of 2 Billon dollars American per year under the FTA.
Phasing out of Tariffs on manufacturing will be zero by 2015. In lieu of Tariffs, we will have to accept complex "Rules of Origin." This means, that the goods we export must contain a certain percentage level of "Australian Made" content to qualify for Tariff reductions in foreign markets.
That means, our textile producers who import their yarn are unlikely to qualify for any concessions at all. Singapore believed it was getting a good deal under it's Free Trade Deal with the U.S. only to discover the conditions under the "Rule of Origin" so difficult to meet they just pay the Tariff, instead of wasting their time applying for Tariff reductions.
(2)    New opportunities for U.S. Farmers: All U.S. agricultural exports to Australia, totaling more that $400 million, will receive immediate duty-free access. Key agricultural products that will benefit from immediate tariff elimination include processed foods, soups and bakery products, fruit and vegetable juices, dried plums, potatoes, almonds, tomatoes, cherries, raisins, olives, fresh grapes, sweet corn, frozen strawberries, and walnuts. Food inspection procedures that have posed barriers in the past will be addressed, benefiting sectors such as pork, citrus, apples and stone fruit.
Fact: With the immediate duty free access on U.S. agricultural exports to Australia, this will allow them to flood our shores with agricultural goods that will conflict with our home grown products.
Under the agreement, we will allow U.S. Trade Delegates to sit on the board that set our standards of Quarantine. This will expose our Quarantine Regulators to added pressure to compromise science based risk assessment, placing animal, plant and human health at risk.
Our high standards of quarantine have already been impinged by the U.S. last year (2003) when our regulators lowered the bar by allowing the U.S. to import Californian table grapes which are infested with diseases that could ruin not only our grape and wine industry, but also our mango and avocado orchards.
An added problem is the decontamination of the grapes with Methyl Bromide, a known carcinogen that is one of the most toxic chemicals across the Universe, which will be banned in the U.S. from next year, expect for fumigating trade produce.
Owing to continual pressure from the U.S. we have relaxed our quarantine protocols to allow in pest and disease affected pork, poultry, citrus and stone-fruit, and are proposing to do the same with apples, bananas and pears.
The Howard Government is jumping with joy when espousing the new market access gained, but overlook that under the deal our avocado producers will be allowed to export to the U.S. for the first time. They fail to clarify the amount of avocados we can sell during our peak season is strictly limited.
In Australia we have no such barriers. This is neither Free or Fair.
(3)    Sensitive to Agricultural Concerns: The FTA is sensitive to concerns that have been expressed by Congress and U.S. beef and dairy farmers, and the agreement uses tariff-rates quotas (TRQ) to respond to these concerns while increasing trade. Beef: U.S. above-quota duties will be phased out over an 18 year period, and initial increased imports from Australia under the TRQ quota will amount to about 0.17% of annual U.S. beef production, and 1.6% of annual U.S. beef imports. The quota increases will take affect when U.S. beef exports return to their 2003 (pre-BSE) levels, or three years after effective date of the agreement, whichever comes first. Safeguards will be available, including a price-based safe guard after the transition period. Dairy: There will be no change in the U.S. MFN above-quota tariff on dairy products subject to quotas, and initial increases in imports from Australia under the TRQ quota will amount to about 0.17% of the value annual U.S. dairy production, and about 2% of the value of total U.S. dairy imports.
Fact: Some Tariffs might come down - but not for our most competitive exports. Tariffs remain in place for key sectors like wool (10 yrs) wine (11 yrs), steel, as well as beef, dairy, horticulture and cotton (18 yrs).
If our exports to the U.S. rise "too quickly" or our process are too competitive against the exchange rate, the U.S. can Slap Their Tariffs Back On, - No Questions Asked.
If those in the aforementioned industries believe they will financially benefit from the FTA, then all we can say is "they must believe in the "Tooth Fairy."
(4)    Access to Services and Investment: Australia will accord substantial market access across its entire services regime, offering access in sectors such as telecommunications, express delivery, computer and related services, tourism, energy, construction and engineering, financial services, insurance, audio / visual and entertainment, professional, environmental, education and training, and other services sectors. In broadcasting and audiovisual services, the FTA contains important and unprecedented provisions to improve market access for U.S. films and television programs over a variety of media including cable, satellite, and the internet. Most U.S. investments would be exempted from screening by the Australian Foreign Investment Review Board.
Fact: Since the Howard Coalition gave the nod for the FTA with  the U.S. we have not heard one word about the full sale of Telstra which 6 months ago was the Government's number one project. Let's reiterate this part of the FTA.
Australia will accord substantial market access across its entire services regime, offering access in sectors such as (we will deal with a few) Telecommunications, Energy and Financial Services.
Would you be confident that cost and services would remain affordable to the Australia community if the U.S. Multi-Nationals were to purchase 100% of the following service sectors; Telstra, Energy, (Electricity, Gas or Water) or any, or all of our major banks? Remember we've agreed to most U.S. investments would be exempted from screening by the Australian Foreign Investment Review Board.
This means that 90% plus of all Australian Companies, could be purchased without screening.
(5)    Recognizing the Importance of innovative Pharmaceuticals: The U.S. and Australia note the importance of outgoing research and development; of recognizing and appropriately valuing the therapeutic benefit of innovative drugs; and of transparent, expeditious, and accountable procedures. In implementing these principles, Australia will make a number of improvements  in its Pharmaceuticals Benefits Scheme (PBS) procedures that will enhance transparency and accountability in the operation of the PBS, including establishment of an independent process to review determinations of product listings. The FTA establishes a Medicines Working Group to further promote the agreement's public health principles through an outgoing dialogue between the united States and Australia. In addition, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and the Australia Therapeutic Goods Administration will work together to make innovative medical products available more quickly.
Fact: Bull-Dust! Australia's PBS is recognized as the "Worlds Best" because of it's affordability. U.S. State Government's have been attempting for more than 10 years to implement their own PBS, but U.S. Pharmaceutical companies keep taking them to court to prevent this as, it would undermine their massive profits. U.S. Drug companies want to further their greedy ambition for huge profits by destroying our PBS, and the Australian Pharmaceutical Industry.
Under the agreement our Government have given the drug companies what they least deserve, increased protection against generic producers, a new body to sell the "goodness" of over - priced U.S. drugs to Australians (the Medicines Working Group), and an independent appeals process to challenge the listing decisions of the PBAC, all of which will increase the price by 1.5 Billion dollars.
(6)    Open and Fair Government Procurement: U.S. suppliers are granted non-discriminatory rights to bid on contracts from 80 Australia central government entities, including key ministries and government enterprises. These commitments are particularly significant and commercially important, because Australia is one of the only developed countries that is not a party to the WTO Agreement on Government Procurement. Both countries that is not a party to the WTO Agreement on Government Procurement. Both countries are also committed to extending coverage of the agreement to sub-central entities, and will be working with their respective states to refine the extent of the coverage in the next few weeks. Australia will eliminate its central government industry development programs, under which suppliers have had to provide various types of offsets as a condition of their contracts.
Fact: Our access to the U.S. Procurement Market will be severely limited by a number of barriers and discriminatory policies. The U.S. Government has retained the right to give preference to it's "small" firms, which are not small at all - employing up to 1,500 people.
How many Australian companies applying for procurement contracts in the U.S. will employ more than 1,500 people? We will also be competing with hundreds of much larger U.S. firms in our own market - firms that the U.S. Government supports with what it calls "Aggressive Advocacy."
We can't win and the government is aware of it. We did not sign the W.T.O. Government Procurement Agreement         (WTO GPA) because the Government's own report on the matter concluded that access to the U.S. Market would remain limited by domestic regulations.
So why has the government suddenly changed its tune? If competition in government Procurement is so good, why don't  we just sign the WTO GPA?
(7)    A Trade Agreement for the Digital Age: U.S. and Australian authors, performers, inventors, and other producers of creative material will benefit from the higher and extended standards the FTA requires for protecting intellectual property rights such as copyrights, patents, trademarks, and trade secrets and enhanced means for enforcing those rights. The agreement calls for each government to adopt state-of-the-art protection for digital products such as software, music, text, and videos, and encourages adoption of measures to promote trade through electronic commerce.
Fact: Australia will have a waiver from U.S. programs favoring  U.S. firms and products.
While 28 countries also have such a waiver, in practice. "Buy American Laws," continue to influence the purchasing strategies of many U.S. Agencies. The vast purchasing budget of the homeland security agency is being used to acquire American produced goods, without competitive bidding. And a Law currently before the U.S. congress will make it difficult for waivers to be granted.
The "Buy American Improvement Act of 2004," is aimed at restricting waivers of the Buy American Law to prevent foreign firms gaining procurement contracts, and thus protect U.S. companies.
More worryingly, Australia have agreed to scrap our "industry Development Programs." These allow us to set conditions in return for granting procurement contracts to foreign suppliers in our own market.
Such offset programs produce Net Benefits for Australian Industry and employment, i.e. by stipulating that suppliers source local inputs, employ a certain percentage of Australians, transfer technology, or similar actions. All this is to disappear.
In particular, our young information and Communications Technology Industry, which has made important strides under the mandated component of the procurement program, can expect to lose out to the tactics of a well subsidised Microsoft.
So while the U.S. can keep and strengthen it's "Buy American" Act under the deal, and continue to subsidise its major exporters, we have agreed to abandon our development programs. (The so-called "Microsoft Clause").
(8)    Strong Protections for Worker Rights and the Environment: Ensures effective enforcement of labor and environment laws and establishes labor and environmental cooperative mechanisms.
Fact: The FTA is a continuation of the "Lima Declaration"
The final part of the jigsaw puzzle to be fully implemented is the agreement on Trade in Services (Gats). In fact the Carr Labor Government had the "cart before the horse" in tandem with the Howard - Anderson Coalition when they permitted south African Workers to be utilised on a Carr Government project the "Construction of the Lake Cargelligo Water Tower," as sweet labourers for slave wages.
(9)    Increased Transparency: The agreement's dispute settlement mechanisms call for open public hearings, public access to documents, and the opportunity for third parties to submit views. Transparency in customs operations will aid express delivery shipments and will require open and public processes for customs rulings and administration.
Fact: Transparency? Neither the Howard-Anderson Coalition, or the Opposition Political Parties, have taken time out to explain what the benefits are for a FTA to the Australian Community. In this a Federal Election year the Government would be jumping up and down espousing the great financial benefits the FTA would be to Australia, instead we are greeted with total silence about the deal.
The U.S. says transparency in customers operations will aid express delivery shipments and will require open and public processes for Customs rulings and administration.
Whilst in Australia our Customs Service is almost non0existent in Law Enforcement and Border Control. In fact our Customs Officers are more qualified in clerical duties in lieu of Law Enforcement, and this is evident when customs over-all seizures of illegally imported contraband does not come from good detection work, but from tip-offs.
For the more detailed complete overview by the experts :- Read Publication by allen and Unwin. Inquiries Ph 02/84250100
How to Kill a Country Written by Professors Linda Weiss/Elizabeth Thurbon /John Mathews Website www.australianinterest.com