Did you know that Voice of the People has a link with a most informative website based in Victoria: www.Realaussienews.com  Amongst many of their great pieces of information is included Constitution and Local Councils  -  this includes updates on class actions in court cases that are ongoing across Victoria.


Did you know that the Commissioner of the Gillard Govt.'s Climate Change Board was born in Melbourne on January 28, 1956?  Tim Flannery became a zoologist, and rose to prominence at the Australian Museum in Sydney in 1984-99, during which time he explored remote parts of Papua New Guinea.  He was a Harvard professor, and named Australian of the Year in 2007.  He is now a professor at Macquarie University and an author and commentator on climate change, although he has no qualifications on global warming or climate change.  He is a “fraudster.”


Did you know that, prior to becoming Premier of N.S.W., Morris Iemma was the Minister for the now defunct Public Works in the Bob Carr Labor Govt.?  Learn how Minister Iemma and Premier Carr and their Caucus tried to cover up the use of slave labour on a Govt. project.  Link  -  Update>February 2007/PICK UP STICKS; SLAVE LABOUR AND A FATAL FALL.


Did you know that, between them, the two major supermarkets Coles and Woolworths own 1,240 petrol stations?


Did you know that former National Party Leader and Deputy-Prime Minister John Anderson is the C.E.O. Of the coal seam gas company Eastland Gas?  This company plans to mine coal seam gas on the prime agricultural land, the Liverpool Plains.  Anderson's National Party Deputy and Minister for Trade, Mark Vaille, is chairman of the coal seam gas mining company, Whitehaven.  And to think that we, the taxpayers, have to pay a life-time pension to these former Govt. Ministers who are guilty of betraying rural Australia?


Did you know that the Vice-President of the United States, Joe Biden, in the early 1990's, pushed for the de-industrialisation of the United States, and spoke strongly about his country entering into world-wide free trade agreements that would include zero tariffs on imports?  He continued to emphasise this was the beginning of the future plans for a New World Order.  What he failed to mention was that this would require the UNITED STATES TO RELINQUISH THEIR SOVEREIGNTY.


Did you know that the United Nations, in their arrogant manner, warned, or in reality threatened, the Gillard Govt. that they must shut down our off-shore processing, of what we know as “queue jumpers” - the illegal boat invaders – who have destroyed or thrown overboard their identification papers once they have been sighted by our so-called border security.  They want our Govt. to close down Nauru and Manos Island, and process the boat invaders on Australian soil.  And, as for Ian Rintoul and his boat people sympathisers, they should be responsible for any criminal offences committed by these invaders.  It's long overdue for our Federal Govt. to tell the United Nations to “rack off”, tear up our treaties between us, because “THEY NEED US  -  WE DON'T NEED THEM.”




Did you know that the following News, which was published in the Bulletin Newsletter, November 2000, was not published by any Australian newspaper, and was not in any broadcast on Australian Radio or T.V.?

“United Nations conference in New York.  During September 2 and 7, 2000, the delegated representatives of many nations declared their support for and their intention to bring in a New World Government.  The United Nations (U.N.) called for, and Australian Prime Minister, Mr. John Howard, pledged his “unstinting support” for:-

                     Consolidation and regulation by the U.N. for international agencies, transnational corporations and financial institutions.

                     Reduction of all national Armies.

                     Establishment of a standing U.N. Military Force.

                     U.N. registration of all firearms.

                     Establishment of an international Criminal Court under U.N. control.

                     An establishment of an international Environment Court under U.N. control.

                     All nations to pay a tax to fund the U.N. activities.

                     Equal sharing of the world's global resources, which would be determined and allocated by the U.N.

                     All national Armies to be taken over by the U.N.

                     NO NATIONAL SOVEREIGNTY.

                     No ownership of private property.







Did you know that the environmental impacts on coal seam gas (CSG) mining?

According to a report prepared by the Institute for Sustainable Futures at UTS for the City of Sydney Council, water supply can be affected if the holes drilled into the ground are not properly sealed.


Aquifers can be contaminated by water and chemicals when a hole is drilled through them to reach the coal seam.  Toxic materials are also contained in the coal seam and can leak out when it's cracked.  The National Water Commission says “the production of large volumes of treated waste water, if released to surface water systems, could alter natural flow patterns and have significant impacts on water quality and river and wetland health.”


During the last six months of 2011 there were 23 spills of waste water, four uncontrolled releases of waste water, and three breaches of waste water storage during floods, according to Queensland's Department of Environment and Resources Management.


In 2010, two incidents relating to water contamination from BTEX chemicals were reported in Australia, even though in both cases the companies involved said they did not use BTEX chemicals in fracking fluids.


The CSG Northern expansion project by AGL in Macarthur has been postponed due to residents concerns on environmental issues. In fact the cash strapped NSW Liberal Government could have rejected the mining exploration applications already in place under the existing “Petroleum on shore act 1991’ [updated Aug/2012] cancellations clause 23C.

The NSW government has an absolute majority in parliament and can reject attempt to cancel these mining licences in the long term.           


One of the greatest environmental concerns is preserving the waters of the Great Artesian Basin from contamination and depletion, especially in the Surat and Galilee basins in Queensland.


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